Friday, February 28, 2014

Post 18

My twenty time project is to watch movies and write reviews on them. If I could change anything about my project it would be the whole thing. I regret the choice I made at the start of the year. I chose something I knew I could accomplish instead of something I wanted to do. That is why I think having the transcendentalism unit before picking your topic would be a good change. This is because the unit changes how you think and could have a great impact on some people, like me. If I could do this over again then I would choose a new idea and explore it until I was satisfied. For example one thing that I was considering at the beginning was writing a book, if I could go back I would choose this instead of the project I am doing now. 

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  1. Luke, I am sorry to hear you regret your choice for this blog. But your reflection back on the project here is thoughtful and shows consideration, which is essential. Sometimes doing what you want to do is the "harder" thing to do, but all the work and effort is usually worth it because you're interested in what you are doing. If you're not interested, why bother? Good luck and keep at it!