Sunday, February 2, 2014

Post 15

This weekend I watched the Boondock Saints, and the TV series Supernatural. The Boondock Saits was awesome, it follows two Irish brothers who are very religious. They receive a message from god and begin to hunt down members of the mob and kill them. This movie was excellent and was comical because they where doing things as they saw it on TV, and it was working for them. They claimed through elevator shafts, and through the ceiling, and kill ten people while hanging upside down. This did not make the movie fake thought it was relalistic. At the end they showed old footage of interviews with real people, that made me think it could be a true story. This movie was excellent if you have not seen it yet, see it now (It's on Netflix),
The series Supernatural is about two brothers who travel around the US killing monsters. They do this because there mother was killed by a Demon when they where young. This is the main story of the series, try to find and kill the spirt who killed their mom. One great thing about the show is they don't use any well know monsters, like werewolves or vampires. Instead they are hunting monsters I have never heard of, this is great because it makes it even more supernatural. I am looking forward to watching the rest of this show. 

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  1. I've never seen Boondock Saints, but my roommate and I watched most of the first season of "Supernatural" last year. We really liked it! Like you said, they use less-well-known monsters, and the relationship between the two brothers is perfect for a TV series. You should keep watching! I heard later seasons get even better.