Monday, January 27, 2014

Post 14

This weekend I had a WW2 marathon, starting with a band of brothers. This is one of my favorite films, I say film because Band of Brothers is a ten part HBO TV series. It follows E company, or easy, through basic training, D-Day, and their capture of the eagles nest. Throughout the film we witness the bonds of brotherhood formed, and those bonds being destroyed by war. The phrase war is hell comes to mind throughout the ten hours. From the lives lots during D-Day, or the harsh winter during which they did not have winter clothing. We view this war from the the perspective of four different people. This gives us the view from an officer, a soldier, a doctor, and another soldier. 
I also watched Jarhead, what a disappointment. This movie was portrayed as a war sniper movie. I spent two hours watching a soldier sit there and contemplate what his girl friend is doing. There was no shots fired throughout the whole movie. Do not watch this if you are looking for a war movie. I was greatly disappointed. This weekend I also started the hurt locker. This movie is about a demolition team in Iran.   

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  1. From your post here, "Band of Brothers" sounds like a good TV series. I will have to check it out at some point. World War II was such a devastating, but rich moment in history. Have you studied much WWII in school?

    What kinds of books are you into reading? I would be interested to see a book post soon. Have you read the "Percy Jackson" series, or seen those movies? You should review the books or the movies!

    Great post! Keep it up!