Sunday, April 6, 2014

Post 21

For the select and awesome few who actual read my beautifully written blog, this is the start of the new one blog per two weeks requirments. Most of my time has been spent preparing for the speech I will have to make in just a few months. I have decided that the main topic of my speech will be the mistakes I made when choosing my project. I rushed my desition and choose something I knew I could do instead of what I wanted to due, and I will regret that for years to come. Despite my laps of judgement in choosing my project, 20 time has still changed how think. For example my little brothers birthday is comeing and I am trying to build him something. My talk will be about doing something you want to do instead of what you know you can do. 

This weekend I watched Turbo with my little brothers and sisters, I am by far the best older brother. This movie was about a snail that wished to go fast and race in the Indy 500. His dream comes true when he is sucked in a car and drenched in nitrogen. He then has super speed and can travel over 200 miles a hour. He is found along with his brother by Tito a snail racing intusious, who's dream is too get his bussiness on the map. Both of their dreams will come true when turbo is entered in the race, and wins. Despite the childish nature of the film the message is clear, follow your dreams no matter what. I enjoyed watching this movie and laughed whenever Samuel Jackson talked in his snail character. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Post 20

This semester I began taking the 1/2 credit course of film lit. This has been a great help to my project because it has taught me to view movies looking for technique and the big A. It has also expanded my knowledge of movies, for example this weekend I saw The Grand Buadapest Hotel. This film just came out last Thursday, and I heard nothing about it outside of class. From the trailer that I went home and watched it looked very good, so I went and saw it last Friday. The movie was about a hotel lobby boy and his boss, his boss had inherited a priceless painting from one of his favorite customers. The movie follows them begging arrested, escaping, and them trying to prove their innocents. The movie contains lots of humor and mechanical comedy. I would suggest this movie to anyone who wants a quick laugh from a well done film. 

On Friday I spent most of the hour thinking what my speech should be about, and I think I have decided. Based on the lack of interest I developed over time this project was a failure to me. I have decided to write about the mistake I made by choosing this project, more specifically how I choose a project I knew I could due instead of one I want to do.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Post 19

I am in big trouble. In my rush to reach my goal of reviews (which I am not close to) I have been lacking in the updating of the website. I have not added anything to the site since Christmas break. This weekend I have some major work to do. This weekend I will add the reviews I have and work on improving the site. 

This weekend I saw an amazing movie with my father. It was about the beginning of the CIA and was very interesting. It followed the spy who heads the counter intelligence unit form WW2 into the Cold War. Unlike other spy movies this focused on both his work and his personal life. We saw the work that made him feared by the Russians, and the lacking relationship he has with his son. He first saw his son when he was six years old and his son resents him for this. The son ends up betraying him and tells the Cubans about an upcoming invasion. In retaliation the father has the sons fiancĂ©, who was a foreign spy, killed. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Post 18

My twenty time project is to watch movies and write reviews on them. If I could change anything about my project it would be the whole thing. I regret the choice I made at the start of the year. I chose something I knew I could accomplish instead of something I wanted to do. That is why I think having the transcendentalism unit before picking your topic would be a good change. This is because the unit changes how you think and could have a great impact on some people, like me. If I could do this over again then I would choose a new idea and explore it until I was satisfied. For example one thing that I was considering at the beginning was writing a book, if I could go back I would choose this instead of the project I am doing now. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Post 15

This weekend I watched the Boondock Saints, and the TV series Supernatural. The Boondock Saits was awesome, it follows two Irish brothers who are very religious. They receive a message from god and begin to hunt down members of the mob and kill them. This movie was excellent and was comical because they where doing things as they saw it on TV, and it was working for them. They claimed through elevator shafts, and through the ceiling, and kill ten people while hanging upside down. This did not make the movie fake thought it was relalistic. At the end they showed old footage of interviews with real people, that made me think it could be a true story. This movie was excellent if you have not seen it yet, see it now (It's on Netflix),
The series Supernatural is about two brothers who travel around the US killing monsters. They do this because there mother was killed by a Demon when they where young. This is the main story of the series, try to find and kill the spirt who killed their mom. One great thing about the show is they don't use any well know monsters, like werewolves or vampires. Instead they are hunting monsters I have never heard of, this is great because it makes it even more supernatural. I am looking forward to watching the rest of this show. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Post 14

This weekend I had a WW2 marathon, starting with a band of brothers. This is one of my favorite films, I say film because Band of Brothers is a ten part HBO TV series. It follows E company, or easy, through basic training, D-Day, and their capture of the eagles nest. Throughout the film we witness the bonds of brotherhood formed, and those bonds being destroyed by war. The phrase war is hell comes to mind throughout the ten hours. From the lives lots during D-Day, or the harsh winter during which they did not have winter clothing. We view this war from the the perspective of four different people. This gives us the view from an officer, a soldier, a doctor, and another soldier. 
I also watched Jarhead, what a disappointment. This movie was portrayed as a war sniper movie. I spent two hours watching a soldier sit there and contemplate what his girl friend is doing. There was no shots fired throughout the whole movie. Do not watch this if you are looking for a war movie. I was greatly disappointed. This weekend I also started the hurt locker. This movie is about a demolition team in Iran.   

Monday, January 13, 2014

Post 13

Not much done this week due to midterms, I did get to watch a little of the NCIS but nothing worth writing. I was thinking of asking my brothers and friends on their positions for the reviews I write so I can get a more diverse in my opinion. Slow going little progress.